Hey Cisco

с альбома Purpendicular

Watch him ride into the sunset
He`d have the little fat guy
right along his side
Echoing off the canyon, Hey Cisco
from Pancho `n` pretty soon
the black sombrero would reply
Hey Pancho what`s happening mi amigo
It`s getting somewhere near the end,
this winding trail
When we`ve raced around the corner
for the final dusty time
Mr Renaldo `n` Carillo`s
going to jail

Can`t open no more supermarkets
Duncan`s sombrero`s hanging
up there with his guns
Some cigarro sucking slag
under a chip Hollywood chandelier
Says `Cisco, Kid you know
your day is done
Let me know how you are doin`
Mr Renaldo
if you need me I could be
a friend for life
There don`t seem any point
...we should throw `way
all these years
Why don`t we saddle up
and ride out one more time

What they doing to my friend
What they doing to my man
Don`t matter when
I`ll stay to the end
Hey Cisco
Let`s go out in style
We`re going down together

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