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Not Responsible

бонус-трек с CD и MC изданий альбома Perfect Strangers

Found some money in an old black jacket
I`m going out tonight, gonna find me a woman or two
I don`t know how long it`ll last
But I never regret the past
When I wake up tomorrow, I`ll be looking around for you
I got no reason to be down at the station
I got no ticket, but I`m gonna take a fucking ride
Don`t care where I go
I never seem to know
I never had a penny, but I never wondered why
Oh no, I never wondered why

If I`m cold I need some heat
If I`m hungry then I eat
I`m not responsible

I woke up this morning and I couldn`t find my shoes
It`s one long party and I haven`t seen the sun for days
I`d take you out tonight, but I`m just a little light
So let`s go out anyway, you`ll be amazed

I take my woman to the palace dancing
I never coulda made it but the doorman is a friend of mine
So I raise a glass to you, the foot is on the other shoe
You can pay the bill and while you`re at it pick up mine
Oh, no no, I don`t mind

If it rains I stay inside
If I`m scared I run and hide
I`m not responsible, oh no.