с альбома The House of Blue Light

i was born into
my mother said to me when you
become a man you`ll understand
but it`s still a mystery
and if you want to get ahead
get some decent clothes
the only way to make it
dress the part
that gets right up my nose

and it think to myself in this river of doubt
this is something i can do without
but strangeways is what i got

the indians are coming
i saw it on tv
they`re 20,000 strong
but they always get depleted by the cavalry
salvation is at hand it`s guaranteed
just send a donation straight to god 1-800 toll free

and i think to myself in this academy of fear
where am i going what am i doing here
but strangeways is all i got

have you seen the headlines
princess engaged
3 million out of work
but that`s on the 2nd page
the alien has landed
finger in his ear
can`t hear a word i am saying
but that ain`t such a bad idea

and i think to myself in this cradle of
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
but strangeways is all you