The Purpendicular Waltz

с альбома Purpendicular

Put your money down
Take your choice
That`s the way it is
every time with these boys
and you sense no shame
and you feel no disgrace
Somebody wins
somebody loses
It`s a dirty dirty race
oh my life
it`s a dog`s life

One empty Monday
out of the blue
Took a good luck turn
Started something new

Out of the gutter
Out of the rain
Out of my head
and I`m feeling no pain
oh my life/feeling no pain
take the strain
It`s a dog`s life

Ducking in the shadows
Diving in the dark
Rolling with the punches
Striking at the heart
Touching all the sense`s
Breaking those taboos
Bursting at the seams
Blowing all my fuses

The turning of a page
The burning of a book
(If you`re) talking out of turn
(It`s) just the way you look

When the time is right
But the shape is wrong
and you find yourself
where you don`t belong

Back to reality
Back on the line
Back into this and you`ll feel no pain
You wanna do it one more time
We can do it once again
Oh my life
It`s a dog`s life

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