The Unwritten Law

с альбома The House of Blue Light

listen to
i`ve got a
warning for
you`ve got to
learn to take
more care
`cos if you swim in
dirty water
be careful how you dry
your hair
in a room within a room
in a hole within a hole
you`ve got to learn to share
your secrets
or you`ll lose your soul

i`ve got the evidence
i know you broke the unwritten law
another town another one night stand
you know you broke the law

it`s so hard to hold back
when the fire is in your eyes
a silver dollar in my pocket
i don`t like surprises
i`ve got your souvenir
is that the price i`ve got to pay
it ain`t been that long
since the last charade

i know you`re guilty
but i`m carrying the blame
i took out much more than i put in
and i felt the pain
in a dirty little room
with nowhere left to hide
you told the truth with your eyes
but you lied inside