Under The Gun

с альбома Perfect Strangers

Infidel can you hear
Would be strange delight
I need you to give your sympathy tonight
When you hear what I say
Deeds I`ve done
Realise I`ve never lost and never won

I`ve got a feeling that it`s never right
There was a reason but it`s out of sight
It`s going down somewhere tonight
Under the gun

Put death in my hand
Learn to fight
Who could care if it`s wrong or if it`s right
We got no choice
Under command
We`re ordered to die or take this land

Stupid bastards and religious freaks
So safe in their castle keeps
They turn away as a mother weeps
Under the gun

When brave men fall
Under crimson skies
There`s a sadness reflected in a soldier`s
Tears will dry
For those I kill
Remember no more their names but
someone will

The only way to be victorious
Screw the fools who think it`s glorious
Who gives a toss about the likes of us
Under the gun