A Castle Full Of Rascals

с альбома Purpendicular

Nothing here for me today
Garbaggio from the men in grey
Don`t do this
You can`t do that
What`s the point
What`s the matter, anyway
Fat cat`s licking cream
Dirty business
hard and mean
Narrow eyes and hungry days
There`s got to be
a better way

Something here about my face
Somehing make you think
I got time to waste
What you doing
standing here
Why don`t you call
someone who cares
Fat cats all the same
Easy answers just a game
Another day nothing changes
There`s got to be a better way

A glistening of questioners
Prepared the inquisition
While jackals in the shadows
manoeuvre for position

A fundament of righteous men
A barrow ideals
The carriage of misjustice
Crushes all beneath it`s wheels
Conspiracies of silence
Within the temple walls
Graveyards full of promises
Tha no one can recall

A castle full of rascals
A fortress full of thieves
A parliament of silver tongues
That latter to deceive

Oh my darling Carolina
If you get the chance
to walk behind here
She`s so clean
you see no splash
Just the Texas chainsaw massacre
Fat cat`s got to go
I`m Rockin` and rollin`
from my headache to my toes
She`s trying to set the world on fire
Up there in her Ivory tower