A Gypsys Kiss

Perfect Strangers

John San what you can
La la Janette dance in sand
What`s the mystery my son
Gypsy Dan Caravan
Won Tun Wan with your Chinese fan
It`s part of history my son

Murder and rape with your power
The 10th revolution in far away days
It`s come to this
A gypsy`s kiss
All your power`s gonna fade in the haze

Ya who` Jumme gae bile ya heed
The Senorita said
I`ll drag yer lungs out through yer nose
Space truckers free and high
Teamsters get ya by and by
That should keep you on your toes

They got a gun at your head
But you ain`t necessarily playing their
They can`t resist
A Gypsy`s Kiss
All that`s needed to drive them insane

John Wayne The Alamo
Crazy Horse Geronimo
I`ll smoke a piece with you
Mind Body Heart and Soul
We got Rock and Roll
And there`s nothing they can do

Hear the small voice of truth
Above the shouting despair of the crowd
What do you wish
A Gypsy`s Kiss
Gets you strong for crying out loud